If Rahul Gandhi tries to harm the nation, we won’t remain silent: Kiren Rijiju

New Delhi: Continues its offensive against Congress’ MP Rahul Gandhi over his remarks on democracy in the UK, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Thursday slammed him and said that if he tries to harm the nation, we won’t remain silent.

He added that he does not have the right to insult the nation.

“If the Congress Party feels that insulting our nation is nothing serious then it doesn’t deserve to be representing a section of the people in the Parliament” he said here.

Stepping up his attack on Congress and Gandhi Rijiju said that Whatever he speaks, he harms his own Party. But we have no interest in their internal matters….adding that if he tries to harm the nation, we won’t remain silent and we won’t forgive him”.

Reiterating his party’s demand for an apology from Gandhi, Rijiju, Just because the country has rejected Congress doesn’t mean that they have got the right to speak ill about the country.

“It doesn’t have them the right to insult Parliament, insult Democracy, on a foreign land” he said.

Talking about the Congress debacle, he said, “If the people of the country have rejected the Congress, then it is not our fault”.

“If Rahul Gandhi harms and destroys the Congress Party, we have no interest in this matter. But if he tries to insult the nation, the Temple of Democracy we can never afford this” he slammed.

With the BJP insisting on an apology from Gandhi and the Opposition demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) into the issues raised by the Hindenburg report on the Adani Group, the Budget Session of Parliament has been witnessing pandemonium in both Houses.

The Congress MP Rahul Gandhi speaking in the UK recently, had alleged that the structures of Indian democracy are under “brutal attack” and BJP and RSS have captured almost all institutions.


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