Amit Shah kicks off Lok Sabha election campaign in Kerala

Thrissur: Virtually kicking off the 2024 Lok Sabha election campaign in Kerala on Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah lambasted both the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Congress for their “failure” in solving the common man’s problems and “neglecting” the overall development of the state.
Addressing the BJP workers at the sprawling Thekinkadu maidan here, Shah said while in Kerala
both the parties are at the loggerheads, in Tripura they are working together .They have no political
ideology and their interest is vote bank. Despite their their unity, the people of Tripura rejected them and BJP came to power again.
Ridiculing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for hisutterances that Modi will find his own graveyard,
Shah said the more he tarnishes the Prime Minister’s image, the chances of the lotus blooming will increase.
Shah said the Communists are disappearing the world over and the Congress is weakening everywhere.
In such a situation, what is the use of bringing these two parties again to power, he asked.
He said India now has the fifth largest economy compared to the 11th position the country held under Congress rule. India is now being recognised as a world power.
During the last nine years after Narendra Modi came to power, India’s achievements in various fields are remarkable and no other party including the Congress had made any contribution.
Paying tributes to several RSS and B JP workers, who, he claimed, were killed in the violence perpetrated by the Communists, he said the people of Kerala never liked violence.
Asking the people to vote for the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections, Shah said only a strong government at the centre can secure the interests of the people of Kerala.
Listing the development work the Modi government has undertaken, he said Kerala has got 1,15000 crores as state tax return, from Rs 45900 crores when the UPA was in power. The people will ask the state government what did it do with the money and they want an answer during the next election.


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