U.S. “Indo-Pacific Strategy” seeks to form exclusive blocs to stir up confrontation: Chinese FM

Beijing: The U.S. ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ seeks to gang up to form exclusive blocs, stir up confrontation, and undermine regional integration, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said Tuesday.

The ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ claims to safeguard regional security, but in fact it provokes confrontation and seeks to create an Asia-Pacific version of NATO, Qin said at a press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing annual session of China’s national legislature.

The U.S. claim to “shape the strategic environment in which China operates” actually reveals the real purpose of its Indo-Pacific strategy, that is to encircle China.

Such an attempt will only disrupt the ASEAN-centered open and inclusive regional cooperation architecture, and undermine the overall and long-term interests of regional countries. It is bound to fail, he said.

No Cold War should be reignited and no Ukraine-style crisis should be repeated in Asia, he added.

Expounding on whom to rely on in terms of security and economy, Qin said it is necessary to stand together in face of difficulties, jointly pursue security and development, and work together to build a closer community with a shared future in the neighborhood.

Qin also shared with journalists his recent exchanges with counterparts from regional countries. “Development is what we all hope for the most and cooperation is more discussed than any other subject. I believe as China accelerates high-quality development, promotes high-standard opening up, and fosters a new development paradigm, it will surely bring new opportunities to all countries in the world, especially regional countries,” he said.


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