Indian women earned over Rs 100 cr through hosting on Airbnb last year

Mumbai: Airbnb women hosts in India have cumulatively earned over Rs 100 crore in the year 2022, according to the findings of Airbnb’s internal data.

Women hosts over 60 years of age on Airbnb had earned more than Rs 20 crore in India in 2022, and for many of them, hosting provides essential income that aids in their retirement, a release stated here on Wednesday.

The Airbnb data also revealed that Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Delhi and West Bengal are the top five states with the largest number of women hosts in the country.

Highlighting importance of women becoming hosts on the Airbnb platform, Amanpreet Bajaj, general manager at Airbnb India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, said, “To support women hosts, we work closely with communities of women around the world, helping them to unlock the potential of their homes and providing them with the necessary resources and knowledge to succeed as entrepreneurs.”

Ahead of the International Women’s Day, Airbnb had hosted a panel discussion featuring actress and author Soha Ali Khan, singer & songwriter Lisa Mishra, entrepreneur Kirti Poonia (co-founder, Relove) and Airbnb host Kakoli, in which panelists shared their thoughts on ‘Embrace Equity’, which is this year’s theme for International Women’s Day.

Talking about her hosting journey, Kakoli, who has been hosting in Delhi NCR and Pondicherry since 2013, said, “I started my journey as a host on Airbnb when I ventured into the world of hospitality knowing nothing about the intricacies of running a business. Airbnb was a platform which made it easy for me to start and I have grown to list about 24 listings on the platform since then.”

Soha Ali said, “The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day resonates with me, as I am a firm believer and propagator of gender equity. I applaud Airbnb’s efforts in helping women in the hospitality industry embrace equity and take on roles that truly make them happy, whilst working towards an independent future.”

Lisa Mishra said, “It’s inspiring to see women embracing equity and carving out a path to their independence.”

Kirti Poonia said, “I am extremely happy to be here celebrating the stories of such remarkable women who continue to embody women empowerment.”


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