Kashmir going online

With every passing day, internet and online services are becoming tangible part of day-to-day activities throughout the country. As the internet has brought together people from all spheres of life and made the world virtually smaller, no one wants to be left out. But the story of Kashmir is different altogether, as due to Pak sponsored terrorism the region has always been lagging in development. Lack of foreign investments, education and unemployment has always kept the region and the society a step behind the rest of the world.

In recent years, there have been efforts to increase access to the internet and online services in Jammu & Kashmir for promoting economic development and improving communication within the region. The central government is continuously providing resources and introducing policies to rejuvenate the economy of the Union Territory. The government has made significant strides by making e-Governance mandatory. The effective implementation of e-Governance, has brought better accessibility to the Government services by the common people, improved convenience, efficiency and promoted development.

Online services such as e-commerce, telemedicine and online education are becoming increasingly available in Kashmir which will go a long way in improving the quality of life of residents and improve their economic opportunities. There have been numerous projects in various sectors like skill development, agriculture, health and tourism to name a few, which are being implemented online. As per the latest orders from the Government of UT, all government services were be made online from 23 Jan 2023 onwards.  To create awareness about the online services, various campaigns at educational institutions and panchayats are being carried out. During COVID-19 pandemic, when the whole world was at a standstill, internet saved the day for the school going children who got access to online classes and lectures while being confined to in their houses. Diligent efforts were made by the government to provide internet access even upto the far-flung regions of the UT.

The cyber development has bridged the gap between the region of Kashmir and the rest of the country up to a great extent. The society which was living in a cocoon for decades without any contact with the rest of the country has now moved much closer, The innocent youth, who were easy to manipulate earlier have become much more aware and are doing well in understanding what is right and wrong. Although the society also needs to keep strict vigilance over the youth, as this cyber world can act as a double edged sword. It will now get easier for the belligerent adversaries of the nation to get access to huge masses and spread their malevolent ideas of violence and hatred with ease.

Indian Army and the other government agencies have a vital role to play in spreading awareness about the benefits of a uses to cyber space & services. As the Army is already conducting social events with an aim to guide the people of the region towards positive development and harmony, they are also organizing online centric workshops for skill development of the youth.

Overall, increasing access to the internet and online services in Kashmir has the potential to bring significant benefits to the region, but the situation is complex.  Therefore it is important to approach it with care.

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