Modi govt committed to building close ties with LAC, Caribbean: EAM

New Delhi: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday stressed that the Modi government is committed to building close ties with Latin America and Caribbean nations, which can be seen by the increased frequency of high level visits and the opening of new embassies there.
Addressing the valedictory session of the international conference: ‘Connected Histories, Shared Present: Cross-Cultural Experiences between Latin America, the Caribbean and India’ at the India International Centre, EAM said he was “Impressed” to hear the many cross-cultural experiences between Latin America, the Caribbean and India that were shared at the conference.
In tweets, he made the following points:
That geographic distance with Latin America and the Caribbean “has been bridged in this age by globalization. Preconceptions addressed by creating compulsions, demonstrating contacts and establishing working relationships.”
He said while the government has an important role to play, “but a firm foundation for our ties is being built by business to business and people to people ties”.
“The Modi Government’s commitment can be seen by increased frequency of high level visits and opening of new Embassies,” he posted.
“A strong case exists for increased trade and investments. Our annual trade with LAC is already at 50% of that with our largest partners. A rising middle class in those markets will help increasing them further.
“Politically, our historical convergence stems from shared aspirations and legacies. Our collaboration at the UN, G20 and COP are proof. Our shared views on contemporary challenges is reflected by strong regional participation in the International Solar Alliance (ISA), Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) and Voice of Global South Summit.”
“Our emotional connect with Girmitiya countries remains strong. We continue to engage them as they refresh their roots, culture and traditions.”
“Our 40 development partnership projects also reflect our investment. Our similar development experiences give further boost to our efforts in that regard.
“The Covid period was a visible example of India’s solidarity and support,” he added.
He said India‘s quest to be a leading power is built on investing in relationships of substance. Our efforts in the Latin American and Caribbean countries are made in this spirit.”

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