Decline in level of discussion in Legislatures is a matter of concern: Birla

Gandhinagar: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday said the decline in level of discussion in Legislatures is a matter of concern.

Referring to the role of Presiding Officers, Birla after inaugurating the Orientation Programme for Members of Gujarat Legislative Assembly here, noted that it is the responsibility of Presiding to work for enhancing the prestige of the House.

“The decline in the level of discussion in the Houses, and the decline in dignity of the House is a matter of concern for us. An excellent legislator is the one who participates in excellent quality discussions and dialogues and enhances prestige of the House. Members should put forth their points with facts as arguments based on baseless allegations only weaken democracy,” he said.

Mentioning the role of elected representatives, Birla said, “They have a huge responsibility as their electorates look to them to address their issues. That’s why legislatures should be the center of discussion and dialogue and the level of discussion should be of highest standard. The higher the level of discussion and dialogue in the State Legislative Assemblies, the better the laws will be made.”

In order to have a productive discussion in the House, it is necessary that Members are aware of rules and procedures, he said.

The House should become an effective center of discussion and dialogue so that our democracy becomes stronger, emphasised Birla.

Speaking on the role of Opposition in democracy, the Speaker observed that it should be positive, constructive and in the direction of ensuring accountability in governance.

“ The way in which the tradition of adjourning the Houses is being created by disrupting the Houses in a planned manner is not appropriate for democracy. There should be discussion, debate, dissent in the House, but there should never be a deadlock in the house,” he said.

He urged the Members to read the rules and procedures in the House and past debates.

The more the Members will acquaint themselves with rules, procedures and past debates, the more enriching their speeches will be, said Birla.

Mentioning about ‘One Nation, One Digital Platforms’, the Speaker said that the work is on as per the vision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that debates and discussions in all State legislatures and laws passed by them can be brought on one single platform.

In this context, Birla emphasised on using technology and strengthening research to improve efficiency of legislatures.

On India’s G-20 Presidency, the Speaker said that this is a historic occasion to showcase India’s rich democratic tradition and cultural legacy.

Speaking on the occasion, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said, “Gujarat has been developed as a model state and growth engine of the country. When development issues are discussed in any State or legislature, they look up to Gujarat as the model.”

Mentioning about duties of people’s representatives, Patel said that it is the duty of the people’s representatives to maintain the sanctity and dignity of the legislatures which are temples of democracy.

The two day Orientation programme will conclude on Thursday.


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