US health agency proposes 1 Covid vaccine shot for healthy adults each year – Documents

Washington: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing one coronavirus vaccine shot for healthy adults in order to simplify the vaccine strategy in the United States, the agency said in documents released.

“FDA expects that simplification of COVID-19 vaccine composition and annual immunization schedules may contribute to more facile vaccine deployment, fewer vaccine administration errors, and less complex communication, all potentially leading to improved vaccine coverage rates and, ultimately, to enhanced public health,” the FDA said ahead of a panel meeting scheduled on Thursday.

However, a two dose series could still be required for certain young children, older adults and people with compromised immunity, according to the FDA proposal.

At present, most Americans needs to first get two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine several weeks apart followed by a booster shot several months later.

The panel will also decide whether to establish a process for vaccine strain selection recommendations, such as that used for seasonal influenza vaccines, based on prevailing and predicted variants that would take place by June to allow for vaccine production by September, the FDA said.


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