Rahul Gandhi’s follower have to answer why they were silent at the time of massacres and migration of Kashmiri Pandits: Ashish Sood

Those who saw Shankar Acharya Ji in Rahul Gandhi have to answer why they were silent at the time of Massacres and migration of Kashmiri Pandits, Ashish Sood said while speaking at the State Executive Meeting today.

Ashish Sood said People who were seeing Shankaracharya ji in the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have to answer to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and about their failures to stand up for the people of J&K when Massacres like Kalu Chak & Chitti Singh Pura happened. They have to answer Why they were silent when lakhs of people were forced to migrate? Why no yatra against hatred & Jihadis taken out then .
Calling upon the workers of BJP, Sood further said that the first-time voter has not seen the era of insurgency and also the year of corruption under UPA, it is the responsibility of the workers To make aware this aspirational young voter about the failures of NC & INC who want to take Jammu & Kashmir back into the Era of insurgency and corruption because the new Kashmir where the youth of Kashmir is getting recognition in the field of sports, Art, Culture & Education throughout the Country and even internationally does not suit the agenda of the Gupkar Gang. They are the people, Who always wanted youth to have stones in their hands and they were protecting them as misguided youth.
Now in this new Kashmir of Narendra Modi, youth are performing well in the field of cricket, internationally have won many medals in the national games. This new Kashmir does not suit the Gupkar Gang said Ashish Sood
The workers of the party are required to go to The last Village to awaken the aspirational youth of the state appealed Ashish Sood.

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