US Navy SEAL killed working as foreign fighter in Ukraine

Washington: A US Navy SEAL who deserted his post to work as a foreign fighter in Ukraine was killed by Russian forces this week, TIME reported, citing a Navy official.

Navy Special Warfare Operator First Class Daniel Swift died from injuries sustained during an attack by Russian forces, the report said.

Swift has been listed as an active deserter since March 11, 2019, the report said, citing official service records. The soldier deserted to fight alongside Ukrainian forces, the report said.

The US State Department did not confirm Swift’s identity, but confirmed that a US citizen recently died while fighting in Ukraine, the report said.

The Biden administration has urged US citizens, including servicemembers and veterans, not to travel to Ukraine to act as foreign fighters.

The Russian Defense Ministry has also warned that mercenaries who arrive in Ukraine are not considered official combatants and risk death or imprisonment.


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