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| 2 weeks

Russia develops ship to rescue astronauts in emergency on way to moon

Moscow: Russian developers have patented a rescue ship that could pick up astronauts if they have an emergency during a flight to the moon or another object in the solar system, according to the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property Rospatent.
“The invention relates to means of docking and protection from cosmic radiation (solar flares, particles of the Earth’s radiation belts), as well as reducing the danger from meteoroids and space debris. The proposed orbital rescue ship is a reusable manned vehicle used to rescue the crew when flying to the moon and, possibly, to other areas of the solar system,” a document said.
The ship will consist of a spherical radiation shelter, to which upper stages will be docked on both sides, the document said, adding that the engines of the upper stages are designed to look in the opposite direction.
The assembly of the rescue ship will take place in near-Earth orbit, after which the ship will go to the moon.