G-20 representatives visit heritage sites

Pune: Delegates for the G-20 meeting visited heritage sites in Pune on Wednesday. The guests were amazed to see the magnificence of historical Shaniwar Wada. During visit to Lal Mahal, they eagerly learned the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
The visit started from Shaniwar Wada in the morning. The grandeur of Shaniwar Wada, the entrance, the sprawling premises were captured by the delegates in their mobile phones. Curious about the history here, they also asked questions to the guides. They spent a few moments at that place insisting on seeing the old banyan tree in the area. They also noted in the register that Shaniwar Wada is very beautiful, magnificent and attractive. The delegates thanked the administration for giving them the opportunity to visit such historical sites.
The guests were welcomed at the Lal Mahal with traditional choughdas. After seeing the statue of Rajmata Jijau Maasaheb and Bal Shivaji Maharaj, they also learned about the history behind it, while some also saluted the statue of Rajmata Jijau in the palace. They lso captured the photographs of the palace in his Mobai.
In the final phase of the visit, the delegates visited Nana Wada and learned about its history. Ajit Apte and Sandeep Godbole informed the guests about Pune’s history and heritage sites.
Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar thanked the guests on this occasion. Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne, Sub Divisional Officer Santosh Deshmukh, Assistant Director of Tourism Department Supriya Karmarkar, President of Heritage Preservation Committee Chandrakant Dalvi etc were present on this occasion.
The also representatives visited the Aga Khan Palace and learned about the life of Mahatma Gandhi. They asked for information about Gandhiji’s childhood, Kasturba Gandhi’s life, Gandhiji’s residence at Aga Khan Palace. Neelam Mahajan informed them about this and also about the historical importance of the palace. On this occasion, the guests also learned about Charkha.

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