DAP holds protest against land eviction order in Jammu

Jammu: The Democratic Azad Party leaders and workers on Monday organised a protest against the land eviction order by the J&K UT government here.

Raising slogans ‘Land Order Wapis Karo’ ‘Administration Hosh Mei Aao’ against the order, the protesters marched to the Divisional Commssioner office and submitted a memorandum.

General Secretary DAP R.S.Chib said that the party on the instructions of Chairman DAP Ghulam Nabi Azad organised a peaceful protest against the land eviction order of government.

He said the time has come to stand and fight for rights in Jammu and Kashmir. “The land under Roshni act was allotted to people through the legislature of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state. It is unfortunate now those who were benefitted from the scheme are forced to vacate the land, despite the matter is sub judice before the High Court and Supreme Court,” said Chib.

He further said that the government cannot force the eviction of the people who have legally obtained the ownership of land. where shall they go in these harsh winters.

He said the order of retrieving the state land and Khaichari and forcing the eviction of people by the end of this month is a brazen human rights violation.

“The order has created panic among thousands of people. They fear becoming homeless and landless overnight with this order. It shall be revoked immediately,” said Chib.

Vice Chairman G.M.Saroori said that when Ghulam Nabi Azad was the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir he allotted the land to landless and homeless to empower them economically.

But the present dispensation seems hell bent to disempower people after snatching their resources.

Provincial President Jugal Kishore said that “DAP stands with the people who are being victimized with this executive order. We will not accept it. Only the elected governments can decide the fate of people,” he said.

He said the agenda of DAP is to empower the local people and we will continue our fight to seek the restoration of statehood, secure jobs and land rights.

“We are not going to watch the sufferings of our people silently. We will raise the voice for them,” he added.


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