Audience loved ‘Thunivu’s concept: Boney Kapoor

New Delhi: The response to the much-awaited 2023 Tamil film ‘Thunivu’ has been shocking.

The tickets were sold out on day one across all cinemas including special shows in over 130/140 cinemas in Tamil Nadu and social media hasn’t stopped buzzing about the grand-scale production, incredible acting and much more.

Producer Boney Kapoor has once again proved how a great production makes an incredible difference in the overall performance of a film.

Boney said in a statement, “It’s day one of the release and the audience has crowded the cinema halls.

The response is mind blowing. Working with Ajith is always amazing & this is also our third project together. I’m glad to see that the audience has loved the concept, VFX, storyline and much more.”


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