360-degree security circle to be strengthened to completely eliminate support system of terrorists: Amit Shah

Jammu: Assuring civilians that the perpetrators of the Rajouri terror attacks will be brought to books very soon and security will be further fortified, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said that 360-degree security circle will be further strengthened to completely eliminate the support system of terrorists and their information system.

“The intelligence agencies have also decided to further intensify their activities and also have chalked out a strategy to do the same,” Shah said addressing a press conference here at the Raj Bhawan.

He was flanked by the Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

The Union Minister was on a day-long visit to Jammu to meet the families of the Dhangri Terror attacks in Rajouri but due to inclement weather conditions, the visit was cancelled.

He maintained that the cases related to both terror incidents have been handed over to the National Investigation Agency.

“The NIA and Jammu Police will investigate jointly. The investigation will proceed keeping in mind all the incidents of terror attacks that took place in the last one and a half years,” said the Minister further stating that the discussions also covered the aspects of OGWs, support system availed of by the terror groups, and their intelligence.

“The purpose of my visit was to meet the family members of the persons killed in the unfortunate and to share their pain,” said Shah adding, “due to adverse weather conditions, could not reach the tragedy-struck Rajouri area but talked to the aggrieved families over the phone.”

“I talked to every member of all the seven families and tried to share their pains over the phone as I could not arrive to them due to bad weather,” the Home Minister added.

He said, “I listened to them attentively. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha was also present with me. But the courage they manifested was exemplary for the entire nation.”

He said that everyone he talked to showed the courage to stay back in the land that belonged to them and added, “all of them said that the land belonged to them and they will not leave it.

Some families also were from Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.”

But expressing the resilience to fight the situation even after facing such a grave tragedy means a lot, said Shah adding, “a discussion was also held with the security agencies and all the agencies that are responsible for the security of Jammu and Kashmir were present in discussion. The security of the Jammu region was discussed in detail.”

He further added that the discussion about creating a security grid was also held.

“I can assure that the security agencies be it the Jammu and Kashmir Police or the Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police Force, the SIA team of the Jammu Police or the Indian Army-all the agencies are 100 percent alert and are determined to prevent such incidents in the times to come,” he stated.

The Minister expressed confidence in the security agencies and said, “I believe that in the days to come the people who have perpetrated the terror attacks will be brought to the books by the Jammu and Kashmir Police and make them face the court of law.”

He also maintained that a time-bound action plan has been devised to fortify the security apparatus in Jammu.

“It has been decided to further strengthen the security grid within the next three months. I assure the people of Jammu and Kashmir that whatever be the intentions of the terrorist groups our agencies will secure Jammu with all alertness,” he said.

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