Diabetics will soon need single insulin shot a week

Nagpur: Nagpur-based, noted diabetologist Sunil Gupta and Cardiologist Shantanu Sengupta have said ,in future, diabetics will need only one insulin dose a week.
The duo spoke about advancements in diabetes and heart treatment in a plenary session of the 108th “Indian Science Congress”(ISC) held in Maharashtra’s Nagpur.
Injecting a daily dose of insulin before having food is a part of the routine for many people living with diabetes, be it type 1 or type 2.
Many have to inject the insulin twice or thrice a day as per requirements. But this will soon become a thing of past as in the future, diabetics will need only one insulin dose a week.
That will be enough and most importantly, the next level of insulin will be available in the form of a pill to swallow replacing painful injections.
The future insulin will be glucose-sensitive and ‘smart’. It will understand the patient’s needs and release the exact amount of insulin the patient needs.
Machine learning, artificial intelligence and smartwatches are helping doctors in identifying diseases at earlier stages.
“In India, we have a large number of people suffering from pre-diabetic and pre-hypertensive conditions. Tests should start from the age of 30 years for men and 40 years for women,” said Dr Sengupta.
He further said that it has become easier with advanced monitoring tools like watches and mobile applications to keep vital records of heart pumping and sugar levels. But, one must apply mind while using this artificial intelligence.
“These machines are to help us out and not to add to our stress. So, use them but always apply your mind,” said Sengupta. UNI

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