Liquor worth Rs 8 cr sold during New Year in Guwahati

Guwahati: Liquor sales continued to set record spots, with liquor worth nearly Rs 8 crore sold in the last two days.
On January 1 liquor worth Rs 4.80 crore was sold and on December 31 Rs 3.21 crore was sold.
On New Year’s eve of 2022, the Kamrup (M) district sold Rs 3,66,89,00 worth of liquor.
Although there has been a huge rise in liquor consumption, there have been zero death cases recorded from road accidents on this new year’s eve in Kamrup district.
According to data acquired from the excise agency, Guwahati’s use of alcohol is increasing.
From November 30, 2022, the city consumed 14282618.6455 litres of alcohol.
The total amount of beer and liquor consumed between January and November 2021 that was produced in India is equivalent to nine bulk litres, or nine litres.
A London Proof Litre (LPL) bottle has a volume of 750 millilitres, and there are 12 bottles in a case.
According to the sources, Guwahati consumed over 1.42 crore litres of alcohol in the first eleven months of 2022, which comes out to more than 7650314.3775 litres of IMFL and more than 6632304.268 litres of beer combined.
In the first eleven months of 2021, Guwahatians consumed almost 126 lakh litres of booze.

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