Apple duty can’t go beyond 70 pc: Sitharaman

Apple duty can’t go beyond 70 pc: Sitharaman

Shimla: Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said BJP had discussed issue of increasing import duty on the apple with Chief minister Jai Ram Thakur and minister of all apple producing state but apple import duty could not go above threshold 50 pc being regulated code products.

She said import duty may go upto 70 pc under Special window but it couldn’t be 100 pc. “Apple import duty could not above threshold rate of 50 pc and windows rate 70 pc already imposed. She said being a commerce minister she found that flooding of imported apple effecting those area where domestic supply of apple is not made and government could not stop import of foreign apple to check the availability of apple and fruits in such areas which include Kochi of Kerala. She said it is not possible to supply domestic apples to such costal Market and they couldn’t be affected by glutting of foreign apple.

Notably, 2014 Lok Sabha and2017 Assembly Election Prime Minister promise to increase import duty on apple to protect the interests of domestic ape grower by hiking it to 100 pc bring apple under Special category products.

Addressing a press conference here Wednesday on the last day of pill campaign Finance minister said,”Centre couldn’t Transfer the NPS funds or corpse laying with a designated body as the money belonged to Workers and it couldn’t be claimed by state government and union as per the legal provisions.” NPS contribution money with centre couldn’t be handed over to state government as it would be handed over to workers” She said.

Evading a query about restoring Old Pension System, Sitharaman said it was abolished by former Congress rules and Virbhadra Singh Government so the question should be asked from Congress. She said BJP transferred more funds to Himachal Pradesh compared to former Congress and UPA rule she said total devolution of Grant in aids and tax under UPA from 2009-2014 was 42081 Core and under NDA rule it was 2014- 2019 about 81679 Cr and from 2019 to 2022 it was 70400 Cr. already .

She said in first terms NDA Transfer double funds that of UPA and till 2024 this would definitely increased more than 2014-2019. She said state was getting more funds than Congress to assist the state government given increasing burden of state debt. She said government could not decrease or increase the interest rate on the house loan as it is not in its her preview.” Rate of interest for house loan was determined by RBI which depends upon prevailing situation. ” she said.


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