Amit Shah addressed public meeting at Dharamshala

Amit Shah addressed public meeting at Dharamshala

Dharamshala: In the second capital of the state, Dharamshala, Union Home Minister and BJP’s star campaigner Amit Shah addressed the Vijay Sankalp rally which was a low profile one, failing to attract huge crowd and appealed to vote in favor of BJP candidate Rakesh Chaudhary.

He said that I want to start the election campaign in the name of Bhagsunag and Chamunda Devi in ​​the holy land of Dharamsala. Whenever I come to Himachal, I return from here with consciousness, he said that I call this Devbhoomi as Veer Bhoomi Himachal. I want to salute the brave mothers here again and again, the first Param Vir Chakra winners from this earth have been from Himachal. He said that there is no medal in the country which is not in the name of Himachalis. He said that the people of Himachal do not back down in the work they stick to.

He said that there is an election in Himachal now but before that there are two MPs from Kangra one Kok Saba MP Kishen Kapoor and Rajsaba MP Indugowsami . He said that Rahul baba is not going to come to Dharamsala as he is doing padyatra. He said that there is a need to demand an account from the Congress leaders for the state of affairs here. Shah said that Himachal has been the karmabhoomi of PM Modi and a new story of development is written here. He said that the family of Rahul Baba ruled for 60 years, and people must ask them to give account of it.

Amit Shah said that the Congress party never asks for votes in the name of development and familyism prevails in the Congress.

Amit Shah said that now the era of kings and queens is gone and only those who will rule will do the work of the people. The Home Minister said that it was a problem to count scams during the Congress regime and not even a single one during the BJP regime.

Home minister during his Himachal election campaign asked votes for BJP to make the drug free. He said that Prime minister. Narinder Modi has promised to make India drug free.

Meanwhile the Home minister could not attract a huge gathering at Dharamshala. The chairs remained empty and the arrival of the home minister was delayed to the venue of the public meeting because of small gathering. The empty chairs were removed and other chairs were kept one over the other to avoid visibility of empty chairs. Local controversy cropped because of the denial of the BJP ticket to the sitting BJP MLA Vishal Neharia who is in the fray as an independent candidate.


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