UK provides Ukraine with $7.3mln cyber aid package

UK provides Ukraine with $7.3mln cyber aid package
London: The United Kingdom has mobilized 6.35 million pounds ($7.3 million) in an initial cyber assistance package to safeguard the Ukrainian government and its critical national infrastructure, the UK government said on Tuesday.

“A £6.35 million support package from the UK government is protecting Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure and vital public services from cyber attacks,” the statement published by the UK government read.

According to the statement, the UK’s cyber package is focused on protecting Ukraine’s government and critical infrastructure from DDoS attacks and on providing digital forensic services to analyze and prevent possible attacks.

“The UK’s support to Ukraine is not limited to military aid – we are drawing on Britain’s world-leading expertise to support Ukraine’s cyber defences,” the UK foreign secretary, James Cleverly, said.

In late October, a study by the Russia’s IT security company StormWall revealed that the number of DDoS attacks grew worldwide by 90% in the third quarter of 2022 compared with the same period last year, with the duration of attacks also increasing by 60%.


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