BJP leader appeals to PM to stop construction of mobile towers in school premises

BJP leader appeals to PM to stop construction of mobile towers in school premises

Panaji: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Goa unit Spokesperson Savio Rodrigues urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop the construction of mobile towers in a school premises situated in the village of San Jose de Areal in the coastal state

In a letter written to the Prime Minister, Rodrigues has mentioned how the mobile company supervisors were telling the villagers who were protesting, that an FIR would be filed against them if they did not allow them to complete their work of erecting the mobile tower.

The letter further says that the village panchayat had issued a stop work order to the mobile company but the company refused to stop the work, after which, Rodrigues requested Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant to stop the work immediately. Dr Sawant, keeping in mind the interest of the people of Velim then consented to his appeal and got the work of the erection of the tower stopped with immediate effect.

“A mobile tower in a school premises is wrong. The people of Velim are not against mobile towers, we are just against mobile towers in a school premises,” said the BJP Spokesperson in his letter to the PM.

The letter further claims that no one is aware of where the mobile towers are coming in their villages and neither have, they been made party to any government discussion making process.

‘Sadly, neither was the panchayat privy to the decision taking by the Goa government on the location of the mobile towers,’ the letter says.

“Such is the lack of humanness and common sense that the government authorities gave rights to the mobile company to erect a mobile tower in a school premise. Therefore, in all fairness it needed to be objected to and the government needed to be made aware of the concerns of the people,” the BJP leader has said.

“I completely support the Indian government in its plan to roll-out 25,000 thousand mobile towers across India in 500-days at the cost to the public exchequer of Rs 26,000 crores because a digitized and connected India is the need of the hour. However, the better future we are endeavouring to create for our children is solely dependent on the decisions we make in the present for their benefits. A mobile tower inside a school premises is dangerous to the health of our children,” Rodrigues said.


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