Militancy in Kashmir has been going on for more than three decades now and it has taken its toll on the daily lives of its people. This beautiful place is also called Heaven on Earth because of its unique, picturesque, charming features. It has been abode to numerous saints and had a very rich, flourishing ancient culture. However, this heaven on earth has been thrown in to darkness of militancy by Pakistan for past more than three decades and the residents of Kashmir valley have been forced to live a life of misery. There is a whole generation that has been born and grown up in this state of prevailing social and political unrest. Due to the effects of long period of militancy in the Kashmir valley, there has been an adverse impact on the psychology, economy, education, trade & commerce, political system, growth and development in the society. An environment of fear, terror, uncertainty, mistrust has been prevailing in the society since the advent of militancy in the Kashmir Valley. The reign of terror was unleashed by Neighbour Country with an aim to create terror in the minds of Kashmiri people and crush their will to resist. It was done with the purpose of creating a psychological state when their radical, political ideology would have been accepted unquestioned by the local populace of Kashmir valley. However, the people of Kashmir have rejected the radical agenda being propagated by Neighbour Country.

Kashmiri pandits who were living peacefully since ages along with Muslim majority became the first victims of Across the Border sponsored militancy in Kashmir valley. Thereafter, the cultural roots of Kashmir were destroyed, intellectuals were eliminated, media houses were attacked, people with rational thinking were silenced, numerous killings were carried out and basic fabric of Kashmiri culture which provided it a unique identity was ruined. Long periods of bandh were imposed on schools, colleges, offices, markets which paralysed the education system, hampered the administration & commerce as well as blocked the development in the Union Territory. It put the people under lots of physical and psychological suffering. Youth, ladies and children have borne maximum psychological impact of militancy in Kashmir. Many of them have been suffering from depression related issues because of prevailing social unrest.

However, people of Kashmir have never given up their rich culture and heritage. They have kept the flame of hope and optimism burning in their hearts. Calls for bandhs are no more cared for. Calls for irrelevant mass protests are no more given any importance. People have realised that Neighbour Country sponsored militancy has brought only sufferings and misfortune for them. It has created terror, hatred, anguish, uncertainty among the masses and halted the process of development. What is required in a vibrant and flourishing society is quality education for children, good community health, job opportunity for everyone, peaceful living condition, freedom to express oneself, a secure future for children. People have rejected the terror philosophy and adopted the path of development and prosperity.

In last three years, lots of progress has been made in positive direction. Lots of administrative development has taken place post abrogation of article 370. There has been lots of infrastructure construction to make life more comfortable for the people. Air connectivity has increased many times. Communication in terms of internet and mobile communication has reached in the far-flung areas. Agriculture has seen an upward graph in the recent years due to research work in this field. Fruits are being sold with more profit to the farmer due to availability of loan at cheaper rates and better sale mechanism in the mandis. Better road communication is enabling the products reach the ultimate consumer at a faster pace. New varieties of fruits are giving richer dividends to the farmers. Educational institutes have started having regular classes. Better community health services are available.  Militancy has been controlled to a large extent barring few incidents and appropriate action has been initiated against those who have been against the law. Tourists have visited Kashmir in record number and darshan to holy cave of Shri Amarnathji has been conducted peacefully this year. Multi facility auditorium has been opened in Shopiyan and Pulwama districts and government plans to open more such auditorium in each district. People of Kashmir are really fed up with Violence its negative impact on their lives. People of Kashmir have chosen the path of peace, development and prosperity and it has started giving good results. We can see a silver lining on the sky line.

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