NASA reschedules Artemis 1 moon launch

NASA reschedules Artemis 1 moon launch

Washington: The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said it wants the Artemis 1 unmanned moon mission launch for September 27.

“NASA has adjusted the targeted dates for a cryogenic demonstration test and to the next launch opportunities for Artemis I… The agency will conduct the demonstration test no earlier than September 21, and has updated its request for a launch opportunity September 27,” a NASA statement read.

NASA has canceled the planned launch of Artemis 1 mission atop a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft twice in the past week, primarily over a liquid hydrogen leak. On September 8, the space agency said the launch had been tentatively rescheduled for September 23 or 27.

“The dates also allow managers to ensure teams have enough rest and to replenish supplies of cryogenic propellants,” the statement said.

If the launch takes place on September 27, Orion’s return to Earth will be possible on November 5.

NASA stated on September 10 that specialists carried out necessary repairs associated with the hydrogen leak on the launch pad. This week they will test the readiness of the rocket for launch. The announced deadlines are not final and require confirmation, NASA said.


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