J&K not to allow 8th Muharram Procession In Srinagar

J&K not to allow 8th Muharram Procession In Srinagar

Muharram procession

Srinagar:  J&K government has decided not to allow the Muharram procession on the 8th day through the Srinagar city centre on Sunday.

The District Magistrate Srinagar today decided that processions related to Muharram on Guru Bazar towards Buchwara and Abi Guzar towards Zadibal routes respectively will not be allowed keeping in view public security and law & order, an official spokesman said.
A PIL was recently filed in High Court for allowing the Shia community to take out religious processions, especially on the 8th of Muharram from Guru Bazaar to Dalgate. The Court had asked the competent authority to take the decision regarding the Muharram procession.

The Muharram processions in the City Centre have not been allowed since 1989.

The District Magistrate, Srinagar issued a formal order here today, which cited various past incidents of violence.
“Whereas the undersigned held a detailed meeting involving all the Field Magistrates, Police officers and leaders of Shia Community wherein they were briefed about the routes allowed/ disallowed for Muharram procession,” the order read.
The order further stated that, “Whereas, Law & order and Security concern is the top most priority of the Government of the Jammu and Kashmir keeping in view the larger public interest and safety of its citizens”.
“In view of the above stated facts and circumstances read in conjunction with the reports of intelligence agencies thereof, more particularly the security concerns of the District Srinagar with respect to the Muharram, the processions therein cannot be allowed on the Guru bazar toward Buchwara and Abi-Guzar towards Zadibal routes respectively, keeping in mind the public interest, law & order and security”, the order also added.
The order reads “That it is witnessed from past instances/cases and upon analysis of reports/data from different security agencies with regard to incidents which have occurred during the Muharram, it is evident that not only there has been breach in peace & law and order, but also there have been Sectarian clashes which have resulted in breach of peace and threat to maintenance of law and order and also resulted in damage to public property and injuries to civilians and security forces as well.”
Meanwhile, the District Magistrate(DM) has said that Administration respects the religious sentiments and practices of all, at the same time it is the joint responsibility of one and all to adhere to the security measures to ensure protection and safety of all citizens.
The DM also said that alternate routes for conducting Muharram Processions on said occasion have already been provided to perform the ceremonies peacefully. He further said in case of violation of said order Police/Security agencies will take cognisance of the matter under the Law.


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