Black ‘Kadaknath’ chicken reaches Kashmir

Srinagar: Two computer Science students of the Central Kashmir University have put up a unique and rare Indonesian breed of black “Ayam Cemani” or “Kadaknath” chicken poultry farm and are delighted to introduce it in Kashmir.

Numair Rashid, who has teamed up with Mamoon Rathore,  both in their 20s, told UNI: “We have no idea of business but we set up this farm in Nishat area of Srinagar and got 300 black breed of rare ‘Ayam Cemani’ from Ambala in Haryana.”
“We were encouraged to do so after we read about a similar farm of cricketer M S Dhoni,” Rathore said.
The “Ayam Cemani” is a blackbird – inside and out. It has been associated with the Dark Arts, especially in Indonesia.
“Ayam” means Chicken in Indonesian language and “Cemani” can mean a village  in local dialect or “Solid black” in Sanskrit. Similar birds are also available in Dhar and Jhabua  in Madhya Pradesh.
Not like the common chicken which eat any kind of feed, these chicken eat high quality “finisher” feed which is available here, the two added.
“Since Kashmir is presently passing through the harshest winter month of ‘Challian Kalan’, we have put a special offer for customers, selling a full chicken weighing 1.5 kg for Rs750. In other parts of India, a similar chicken is sold for Rs 1,100”.
Each egg (black) costs Rs 25 to Rs 50 in the market, they said.
They claimed that the “Kadaknath” chicken contains high protein, Vitamins, minerals and amino acids as compared to other broiler chicken and is especially beneficial for body builders and gem going youth.
The two propose to bring more chicken of different breeds from various parts of the world to Kashmir.

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